Breath & sound journeys
with Alex & Biba

Go on a journey within with us

Alex, BIBA Medicina and Caroline are very pleased to guide you on a beautiful night through the depths of your own being✨

The breath, the engine and wisdom keeper of the soul, the secret weapon we carry inside is here to serve us on a journey of diving deep within and to help you with physical release and deep relaxation.

Alex will be your breath captain for the night while Biba serves her vocal medicine, rhythms and hearts melodies throughout the journey✨
Caroline will be there to hold space and do energy work in a graceful way.

Together we hold a beautiful formula and dynamic to hold space for you in a very special location in The Hague: Loods Komeet. We’ll harness the power of the breath and the soothing healing qualities of music to serve you on a journey deep within.

We’ll start the night with the heart-opening medicine Cacao and bring our intentions into the space to connect more with your souls purpose and the superpowers you hold inside. 💥❤️‍🔥

Are you ready to take this deep dive with us? 🙏🏻

🧡 Love, Alex & Biba

Upcoming dates

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practical information

📍 Location

The event will take place at the Loods Komeet, on the Binckhorst in The Hague, address is Polluxstraat 10.  Enter through the big green fence next to the Pollux Studios billboard and then the first door on the right. 

There is plenty of space to park your car or bike in front. 

🕰 Time

The doors will be open from 18.45h onwards. We will start around 19.00h and finish the journey around 21.30h. Be sure to arrive on time, after 19.00 the doors will be closed. 

🧦 wear layers & bring a blanket

It is a big space and it can be a bit chilly inside from time to time. Be sure to wear layers and it is recommended to take a nice blanket you feel comfortable with and an eye mask if you like. 

🫁 Empty stomach

The Breathwork we’ll be doing, as well as drinking the cacao has the most effect on an empty stomach. It’s recommended to eat light or stop eating until a few hours before the event. After the event there will be some snacks & tea to nourish your body.

💊 Important

Please note: if you are pregnant or use certain drugs(both pharmaceutical & natural), please discuss with Alex whether this can influence the process. If you are currently being treated for certain trauma, or are suffering from dissociations or psychosis, please discuss with Alex first. 

🦠 Covid

We choose to let these breathing sessions continue, since we believe that these gatherings and connection are especially important during these times. We won’t wear mouth masks and are not able to keep distance according to the c-measures.
If you don’t feel comfortable with this, it’s possible to book a 1-on-1 session with Alex.