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First and foremost, I am under constant revision.  Always learning, always deepening, always integrating.  I like it that way.

I’ve been drawn by so many different paths along the way, and often fell into the trap of thinking I needed to narrow myself to fit just one legitimate profession.  I’ve been an actress, singer, therapist, bodyworker, energy healer, coach…in fact, I’m all of these things, still.  But only recently have I decided to embrace a different sort of witnessing and honoring of my gifts, and have found that what I really do, what really makes me good at all these professions, is also what I most value in my relationships with others, myself, and Spirit.

I am a holder of sacred space.

A compassionate witness.

An illuminator of soul truths.

A woman who is also in process, doing her work, flawed and beautiful and whole.

My work is about creating a chrysalis of unconditional compassion and curiosity, providing support for women to speak their most daring desires, and inviting their dark places into the soft light of inquiry where wisdom can be cultivated.

The work is informed by my 20+ years of psychology, spirituality, and creativity study & practice.  My tools have been developed organically over time based on practice in energy work, depth psychology, Vedic astrology, Human Design, systemic constellation work, Reiki, yoga, Inner Bonding, shamanic practices, and other personal growth paths.

I believe, to the center of my bones, that every person is here with a divine purpose, and a unique gift to offer the world.  And it is my honor to provide the space, support, and reflection that allow women to claim their gifts and live into their fullest self-expression.  The world needs them, and the world needs you.



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