Reclaiming the “M” Word

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As we move deeper into this conversation about how women relate to money, I’m noticing a curious phenomenon: a great deal of talk about abundance and prosperity, but not a whole lot of singing our desire for the moolah, the dinero, the cold hard cash!  (See how I skirt the “M” word, too?)

Don’t get me wrong.  I love abundance.  I love prosperity.  But most anyone reading this blog knows the power of our word, and knows the importance of specificity.  So when you say you want more abundance in your life…an abundance of what?  Shoes by the front door?  That does speak to a certain kind of abundance.  A kitchen full of gloriously healthy food?  That’s abundance, too.  And yet.

Beloved women:
If we want more money, we need to get comfortable asking for more MONEY!

We are often just plain uncomfortable with the word, though, aren’t we?  We don’t think we should want it.  We don’t think we can ask for it.  It feels safer and easier, and more feminine perhaps, to say that we want abundance or prosperity.  I get that the culture hasn’t given us a whole lot of support for claiming our right to money, and in the name of total self-responsibility, I have to ask myself: how have I not given myself a whole lot of support for claiming my right to money, either?  But guess what?  Money is just an energy like anything else, and we have a right to call it into our lives for the highest good of all.  It serves us gladly, so we can serve the world gladly!


“We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous [rich]? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine…” – Marianne Williamson


If you notice a little inner twinge at the sound of the word, I invite you to give the following practice a try.


Give yourself about 15-30 minutes for this practice.  You might find it helpful to read the entire exercise first, then do the steps.

Sit in a quiet spot with your journal by your side.  Take a few deep breaths to become centered and inwardly focused.

Now say to yourself, preferably out loud but silently if you must:

“I want more money!” or, if you’re really feeling bold, “I am ready to receive great huge gobs of money!”

Now, notice the discomfort in your body.  Locate it specifically – is it in your throat?  Your solar plexus?  Your forehead?

With compassionate curiosity, invite the discomfort to grow in you.  Repeat the phrase if it helps to grow the discomfort, or simply sit and give it your attention.  Allow it to build until you almost can’t stand it anymore.

When you’ve reached your limit, open your eyes.  Write down everything that has come up in the discomfort.

For instance: “You can’t say that!  That’s greedy.  Only greedy a-holes want tons of money.  You’re selfish.  What about all the poor people in the world?  You’ll be taking away from them.  What do you have of value to offer, anyway?  No one would pay you what you want to make.  You’ll never be able to earn as much as _____.  ______ isn’t happy anyway.  Money makes you unhappy.  Money isn’t spiritual, and you want to be spiritual, don’t you?  Spiritual people don’t talk about money.  You’re not good enough to earn great huge gobs of money.  Who’ll pay you that much, anyway?  What could you possibly have to contribute that is so valuable?”

When you start to run dry, write the seed phrase down a few times to prime the pump, then write down everything else that comes up.  Do this until you feel that you’ve given the discomfort plenty of voice.

When you’re done, shake yourself out a bit and allow yourself to come back to a neutral space.  Take some deep breaths, connect to the earth.  Thank your discomfort for speaking to you so frankly.

Now, close your eyes again and take a few deep breaths, moving your focus inward again.  Call up in your mind’s eye a very loving, compassionate, wise presence.  It might be God, your Higher Power, a particular god or goddess, your own empowered loving-adult self…whatever works for you.  If you listened to my free tele-circle from last week and did the meditation to meet and talk with Money itself, you might want to call Money back in.

With compassionate curiosity, ask this presence:

“What is the beautiful truth about me wanting and having more money?”

Write down whatever this presence tells you, with compassionate curiosity, and with no editing or censoring or second-guessing.

When you’re done, thank the presence for its wisdom, and thank yourself for taking such bold loving action to transform your relationship with money.


If you feel compelled, please share what you gleaned from this exercise in the comments below.  You never know what might help a sister stake her claim.  Let’s spread the wealth!  (All puns intended.)


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