Not Balance But Flow

by Maggie on August 10, 2012 · 1 comment

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This weekend I have the good fortune to be on stage in Seattle for the first time in 13 years (the last time was when I was in the national tour of Annie – and no, I wasn’t Annie!) and it’s been an exhausting/exhilarating week of essentially working three jobs – my regular contract work, an intense one-week rehearsal period for this weekend’s performance, and laying foundations for my coaching business during early-morning meetings and productive lunch breaks.  The show I’m in, The ToyMaker, is part of the Festival of New Musicals at the prestigious Village Theatre.  I feel so fortunate to have been invited into this festival and into Seattle’s professional theatre community so quickly.

(Also, as of yesterday, I’m officially on board as the musical director for New Helvetia Theatre‘s production of Next To Normal this fall!  What a wonderful opportunity to work with people I love in a town I love, doing a show I adore, before making the move up to the Pacific Northwest.  As I write this I realize I haven’t really written at all about this move on the blog, but I’m really excited about relocating to beautiful Seattle!  And sad about leaving lovely Sacramento.)

As I said, it’s been a full-to-bursting week, and as the week wore on and breakdowns occurred (not much sleep, a bit of emotional rollercoastering, setbacks on the business side as my computer went in for repairs) I was reminded of one of the imperatives my business coach, the luminous Amy Lee Czadzeck gave me last weekend: Make room for rest.  For relaxation.  For gentleness.  I forget these so easily.

Danielle LaPorte often makes the case for throwing life balance out the window.  “How’s that workin’ for ya?” she asks, reminding me to move toward passion and fire instead.  Go where life lights you up, and then give your all to that.  I love it, and yet this week as I pursue my passion and fire in three different directions, I can see how easy it is for me to burn brightly and then burn out.

So maybe Amy and Danielle are both right?  Go boldly in the direction of your passion and fire (yang energy) and then make room for gentleness and rest (yin energy).  Maybe it’s not so much balance as flow.  As I move into greater awareness of the cycle of the medicine wheel (Inspiration, Action, Emotion, Rest) I’m wondering if it’s not about getting it all in balance, but giving myself fully to each direction of the wheel?  Giving myself fully to my inspiration, and then passionately to my action; then being fully, compassionately present for my emotions, and giving in fully and joyfully to the rest.  It seems a bit obvious now, but what a paradigm shift for me!

So as I head into this weekend I’m going to be alert for where I am on the medicine wheel, and see how it feels to just give myself totally to that direction in that moment.  To honor where I am where I am heading next, or where I need to head in order to keep in flow.

I wish for you a wonderfully alive weekend in whatever direction you’re flowing.  Aho!

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Amy August 10, 2012 at 10:02 am

Umm…hello. This is gorgeous. Maggie, it’s your openness to learning about your self and ability to give voice to what others so need and want to hear too that will continue to bless you and the world with the flow. I, your and circle are blessed to take lead from you.


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