A Year of Care

by Maggie on August 21, 2012 · 3 comments

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Several years ago I read about a doctor who had a very simple system for serving his patients: one flat fee, paid once per year, for all the primary care that a person or family needed in that year.  At the time I was self-employed and paying $300+ a month for the opportunity to have my healthcare, if I needed it, not bankrupt me.  Not to mention the thousands of dollars I spent on my actual care – therapy, bodywork, nutrition, spiritual care, etc.  So the mere thought of paying for my care by the year was quite a paradigm shift for me – knowing that it would all be covered in advance.  Knowing that I could be taken care of if I needed it.  If I’d lived closer to him I would have signed up in a hot second.


When I ran my private therapy practice, I struggled to find a pricing structure that worked.  Whenever my clients had to cancel for financial reasons, I agonized over my desire to help them anyway, and my need for an income that sustained me so I could continue to offer my services.  One year I totaled up one client’s payments and my eyes boggled; was she really paying that much for my services?  Had she set the money aside for that?  And why wasn’t I feeling more flush?  With my personal cap at 20 clients per week, I couldn’t offer any more of my energy, but I wished I could help more people, at a price that felt reasonable to them and allowed me to live well.


This summer I spent many hours wondering how I could make the business of my dreams work.  I want to be in a more collaborative mentoring/witnessing relationship with my clients.  I want to work with people who invest in themselves within their means.  I want to have a mobile business so that I can continue to travel, work around performance schedules and locations, and have the kind of flexibility that makes my heart sing.  I want to have four weeks of vacation every year.  I want to offer lots of different resources to my clients, drawing on my learning in so many different areas of healing and personal growth.  How could I make all this happen?

I finally got around to reading Leonie Dawson’s Blogging + Biz Star Workbook (free when you opt in for her weekly newsletter, which I highly recommend), where she revealed the big a-ha moment that allowed her to build a profitable, sustainable, far-reaching business.  Allow people to buy in on a yearly basis, and then give those people everything you’ve got.

When I read that, I felt like I was standing inside the Liberty Bell at high noon!  I remembered the primary care physician’s model that was so appealing to me.  I loved the idea of knowing that I could work with people for a year at a time, and that they could count on me being at their side all year long.  That they could dip into my bag of resources as much or as little as they liked.    This was brilliant!

And then I thought about how significant SouLodge has been for me this summer – a virtual circle of women who are doing their soulwork side by side, sharing experiences and comparing notes and enriching their own healing journeys in the process.

And then I realized that I really love working with women!  Especially women in transition, who are taking a leap from old life to new.  Divorce.  Empty nest.  Career change.  Graduation.  Stay-at-home mom goes back into the workforce.  So many transitions in my life have been terrifying adventures into quantum leaps of growth, and I love witnessing and guiding women into and through the chrysalis, taking these challenges and turning them into opportunities for soul transformation.


Suddenly, after lots of wondering and space-making and allowing, in my first session with coaching guidess Amy Lee Czadzeck the vision snapped into clear view.  I knew what I wanted to offer the world and how I wanted to offer it.

A virtual community of women who are transforming our lives and the lives of those who come after us.

Room for everyone who wants to join the community.

A special space to help not 20 but 40 mentoring clients a year, with tiered levels of investment.

Room for me to pour all my gifts and resources into this beautiful bowl and let everyone swim in it, gathering the treasures that sing to them in any given moment and holding space for everyone in the circle to show up, dive deep, and shapeshift into the vessels of divinity that we all are.

And just like that, Deep Soul Dive was born – a divine creation that is beyond anything I could have imagined by myself.  I truly feel like the witness, charged with ushering this sacred space into being.  I’ve been hard at work creating lots of different levels of entry, so that hopefully anyone, on any budget, who wants to invest in their year of care can afford to do so.  For now I’m offering my coaching services, and we’ll see how it all unfolds.

The Chrysalis Year Small Circle: a small-group monthly mentoring group, with full access to The Cove and all the products in the Shop.  Circle with me and a group of SoulSisters this fall on transforming our relationship with money!  Read more here.  Cost: $444/yr.  Space is limited.

The Chrysalis Year Individual Mentoring: if you really want to take your work deeper, these are for you.  Use them to move through a tough transition, launch a new venture, or simply give yourself monthly, twice-monthly, or weekly sessions of care, support and guidance.  Read more here.  Cost: $1,888/yr and up.  Space is limited.


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for all your support, whether this is your first visit or you’ve been with me since my very first blog post.  You are my inspiration, and I am here to serve.  May it be so!  Aho!

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the Mama August 21, 2012 at 7:36 am

Wow, there really is something here for everyone. Congratulations on your launch and great good luck to you!
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Maggie August 21, 2012 at 8:37 am

Thank you! <3
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Sarah August 21, 2012 at 11:03 am

Oh Maggie! This is so fantastic. I can feel the clear, clean energy around the work you do here. Your compassion for others and where they are with their own ability to invest in themselves comes through magnificently. Congratulations on the launch, beautiful woman! Deep Soul Dive is divine ❤❤❤
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